Donzige Deef


6 December 2011

New 'de Kijm & Zonen' sticker, design by Donzige Deef, printed by de Kijm & Zonen

7 November 2011

LosBastardos exhibition at Food, Fight, Music Allnight. Featuring new work of Thomas K. and Donzige Deef, The Hague 2011. For more pictures click here.

15 September 2011

New LosBastardos collaboration. Silkscreen on paper, 50cm x 70cm

15 September 2011

A spontaneous LosBastardos mural at Jos Kel's birthday-party. There was a lot of love, but no nice cars! 2011

15 September 2011

Part of a LosBastardos painting for Pulchri Studio, during the Museum Night 2011. More pictures here.

15 September 2011

A promotion painting on a cube for Museum Night The Hague 2011, for Promotia. More pictures here.

15 September 2011

LosBastardos mural for our good friend Papanatos Tattoos. More pictures here.

18 May 2011

LosBastardos presents: Roken als een turk ( Smoking like a turkisch person ). The first party organized by the LosBastardos art-collective. Flyer design by Thomas K. and Donzige Deef, silkscreen printed by de Kijm & Zonen.

18 May 2011

LosBastardos did a wall at a exhibition in KOP, Breda, april 2011. Check out the pictures here.

19 February 2011

Los Bastardos ventures in the world of cinema. This is a hand drawn animation made for the competition "Done in sixty seconds"

4 February 2011

Flyer for the 2011 Valentines day party in the PIP, The Hague. Design by Donzige Deef.

27 January 2011

A mural by LosBastardos in the PIP, The Hague. PIP COUNTRY CLUB, design by Thomas K. For more pictures click here.

5 January 2011

They are going to tear down het Zieke. This was reason enough to do one last painting and kill the cat. There just happen to be a camera crew from Cool Politics to record it. It airs on tvWest somewhere in March.

4 January 2011

Last party at het Zieke.It's a damn shame. Design by Donzige Deef

24 December 2010

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

19 December 2010

A nice concept by Opperclaes in Rotterdam. It's an group exhibition for all kinds of print-art, but strictly misprints. Los Bastardos was asked to represent The Hague.

19 December 2010

A collage wall at Hoop Creatief Warenhuis, by Thomas K. and Donzige Deef

17 December 2010

New silkscreen, here is a detail. This was before they had sirenes. You can find it in Portfolio 2010.

15 December 2010

Check out this vintage market at HOOP Creatief Warenhuis in The Hague.The de Kijm boys are present with shirt's, and the SBSC dj collective with sweet tunes.

10 November 2010

Exhibition friday 12 Nov, in het Zieke, The Hague, design by Thomas Klaui and Donzige Deef

8 November 2010

Probably one of the best days of my life.

30 October 2010

New LosBastardos silkscreen July 2010, 50 x 70 cm. Edition of 23.

30 October 2010

Flyer and poster for exhibition Uit de doeken, het Zieke in The Hague, design by Donzige Deef

New LosBastardos shirt, edition of 10, design by Donzige Deef

30 October 2010

My good friend Paradwaas asked me to design a logo for his projectspace lokated in The Hague.

30 October 2010

I made this shirt for the cause. Association against animals. edition of 10.

Money matters shirt, promotion shirt Shoot me Film Festival, The Hague 2010, design by Donzige Deef

Shirt for the opening of Sweat Shop Skatepark, The Hague, design by Donzige Deef

30 October 2010

My little nephew Dax, age 6 at the time, made this kick-ass drawing for me.I had to make him this shirt in return.

30 October 2010

I made this design for a promotion shirt for The Hague Jazz nr.5, edition of 30

30 October 2010

Back in the days.